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Combine drag-and-drop sprint planning and flexible work item tracking with comprehensive traceability to have the perfect home for all your ideas–big and small.

Project Overview
Project Overview

Choose your workflow

Start with a simple, out-of-the-box workflow. Use the powerful and flexible customization engine to create the workflow that fits your team’s needs.

Agile Release Planner

PCP’s Release Planner enables your teams to assign work items to releases, move them quickly and conveniently between backlogs, sprints and releases, and to visualize and manage releases using a Gantt chart. It also allows you to assign work items to project members or teams. Rapid changes to issues can be made without leaving the planning board.

Project Overview

Kanban Board

PCP provides a cardboard layer to make the flow of work visible at all stages of the project lifecycle. All tasks can be monitored, measured, and reported on by following the cardboard view’s “to do”, “in progress”, “to verify” and “completed” columns. Status changes can be triggered by simply moving the cards. The Kanban cardboard view is a great support tool for Scrum’s daily stand-up meetings, because it provides a clear overview of the flow of tasks from start to completion.

A convenient drag-and-drop function can be used to transition between task statuses according to the predefined workflow. The Kanban board also provides a quick overview of the balance between expended resources and WIP (Work in Progress) limits.

Scrum ready

Use built-in scrum boards and planning tools to help your teams run sprints, stand-ups, and planning meetings.

  1. Sprint planning
  2. Collaboration and communication
  3. Velocity
  4. Release planning and management
  5. Daily stand-up meetings
  6. QA & Testing

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