Administering absences in teams

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Administering absence

SEMYOU holidayPLANNER represents the ideal solution for teams to administer the absence of all employees from different teams. Employees themselves can use various views to see at a glance when which person present or absent. Restricting the view to the user and absence-type level is possible as needed using an interactive filter. That way it's possible for example to display the employee's "vacation days" or " outside appointments" and be able to plan accordingly

Absence entries are generally classified by type in sem.HolidayPlanner, which can be defined for example as "vacation," "home office," "on-call duty," or "outside appointment." A unique color assignment to the different types makes the collective annual view clearer, and with just a glance you can see whether there are overlaps or bottlenecks.

Simple, centralized absence administration


Private user area

Each user can populate and administer only his own absences in holidayPLANNER. Via a personal user area, it's possible to display all of one's own absence entries, and to change them accordingly as needed. On the other hand, new entries can be quickly created in the entire application via an interactive function menu. To avoid one's own overlaps, the system checks fully automatically whether or not an absence entry already exists for the given period.

Annual view

The absences of individual team members are presented in a clear annual view, which either horizontally or vertically displays the pertinent year with quarters, months, and days. If a person is absent on a particular day, this area is color coded depending on type of absence, whereby correlations between team members can quickly be visually detected. Using the interactive filter, it's possible to fade only certain people or types of absence in or out, which is very helpful with a large number of people.


Types of absence

Different kinds of absence can be individually defined in sem.HolidayPlanner so that each absence entry can be uniquely classified. A simple distinction of the various absences in the annual overview is guaranteed by a unique name and color coding. Types of absence can be, for example, "vacation", "home office," "absent but reachable," "outside appointment," or the like.


The administration of holidayPLANNER is done via the administration console, which is available only to authorized users. Besides creating and administering users, teams, and types of absence, it's possible to administer all of the absence entries of all users via the "dates" menu item. Erroneous entries can either be changed or directly deleted this way. Various filters, with which the data set is quickly restricted by year, user, or month, are available for quick navigation.


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