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Feature matrix

Manage Multiple Projects

Interactive, visual analysis lets you untangle thorny project questions and quickly get to the insights that propel your business forward. Powered by our AI technology, PCP gives you powerful analytics to ask deeper questions and deliver more meaningful answers.

Individualize Projects

With this individualization function you have the opportunity to adjust each project as needed. Assign each project an acronym or color, or create an appropriate project picture. Individual attributes enable you to extend existing fields, such as internal reference numbers, among others.

Switch Between Projects

If you are currently in a project you can use the main menu to easily switch between projects in order to compare them or capture the overall status.

Duplicate Projects

Easily and conveniently copy and save your projects under a new name. With the „duplicate function“ you can create project templates, for example, and easily copy them an unlimited number of times for your projects.

Project Dashboard

The project dashboard features a centralized overview of all project information. Various interactive diagrams display all project indicators and put them into context. The dashboard offers a quick overview of the project of your choice.

Project Authorizations

Use authorizations to manage which users have access to your projects. “Roles” allows you to assign different levels of access to limit access according to your needs.

Project Phases

Organize your projects into structured phases and assign them your milestones. The project phases serve as the basis for the project map and structure your project into self-contained areas.

Project Workstreams

Workstreams“ allows you to create work areas such as teams, groups, or external companies, and use them as a basis for creating your milestones. “Workstreams“ represents a type of project team that can easily be coordinated.

Project Key Points

Divide your project into reasonable key points, such as according to work tasks, and assign their dependencies to each other. Each key point defines the completion of a task with responsibilities and conditions for input, operating, and conclusion. Create an individual check list for each key point in order to mark each completed condition as such.


In sem.PCP you have the opportunity to easily export all data. Chats and spreadsheets can generally be exported as MS-Excel and PDF-files.


Conveniently print data from sem.PCP. The browser based print function allows you to print any content as needed or to convert it to other formats.

Key Point Dependency Matrix

Display complex dependencies in a matrix and discover hidden contexts. The matrix shows all your key points and their transitions.

Key Point Dependency Designer

Create complex dependencies between individual key points using the „dependency designer“. The „drag & drop“ function enables you to create and terminate dependencies.

Active Project Maps

The project map is the central planning method and illustrates your project with all essential information, such as phases, milestones, workstreams, and key points in just one display. The interactive functions provide you with the opportunity to show or hide individual areas.

Meeting Minutes

Record your meetings and planning committees in detail and make them available to all project participants. It is easy to create and manage meeting protocols in sem.PCP. Capture important decisions to make them revision proof and search for them quickly as needed. You can add participants and referenced objects, such as phases, workstreams, or key points to each protocol.

Lessons Learned

With the lessons learned function you can capture important findings during a project in a centralized location. Save your experiences with methods, used techniques, experiences of external partners, or applied processes and optimize them for future projects.

Management Reporting

Creating management reports is quite simple. Manage and create your reports centrally in sem.PCP and access them at your convenience using the search function. Each report is divided into separate areas, such as overall project status, comments, and work stream status.


Collaboration in a team is easy. Use the newsfeed function to share important information, news, or events with your team. “Newsfeeds” allows each project participant to stay up to date or add important information themselves.

Progress of Activities

Revision safety is a top priority in sem.PC. All activities and changes that have been made to a project are visible in the activity progress. All changes in a project are color coded and displayed chronologically, so that a clear overview is guaranteed even when a lot of changes have occurred.

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