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Work area

Define individual work areas for teams,projects or larger tasks and make them available safe and centrally to a selected circle of person worldwide through SEMYOU Cloud.Each work area can be configured individually with respect to group and columns and therefore can be adapted to any given situation. Information such as progress, person or changes is displayed in a central view and permits a fast overview even for larger task areas.

Groups and subjects

It is possible to establish user defined groups for each work area to group special subjects or subprojects. In addition to the user define name, it is also possible to select a dedicated color for each group to differentiate groups visually from each other. If new groups are established subsequently for a work area,then these can be easily rearranged with the mouse as required with drag & drop.

User defined columns

User defined columns

Individual columns can be specified for each work area for the display of a status for the established subject.Each column can have its own data type such as:Text, status, date or user.

If a column is defined as text, then any text can be entered into the cell.In addition,it is possible for this type to use so-called hash tags (#) to display visual symbol.The type identification "Dates" provides a calender for cell input and it is used for the input of a date.The type identification "Status" can be selected for columns that represent certain status and this provides the opportunity to enter a variety of colored status symbols and conditions.

Email notification

"Be Always Informed" By using the personal settings of its work area, each team member can define the information that must be received by email. Overall, three options are available: "Subscribe for no information", "Subscribe to each change", "Subscribe to daily summary".

Email notification
Private or public work area

Private or public work area

"sem.BigPicture" generally divides the work ares into private and public.A private work area is only available to the "Owner" and can not be shared with the other SEMYOU cloud-office users.This option is, for example,used for your own task lists. 

However, a public work area can be shared with other SEMYOU cloud office users. The settings can be used to provide special access rights to each user such as read or write rights.


All changes at a glance. The "News" displays all changes from all work areas grouped and structured.Therefore, all changes of the last few days in one work area are displayed in one view.This includes status changes, new or changed subjects, etc. This type of change history is used for the seamless traceability for all team users an also for a structured overview for a fast information provision.


Enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability

Leverage enterprise grade security, compliance, and manageability capabilities, including built-in information protection, secure guest access, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Designed for the individual
Scaled for the enterprise

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