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90 %Reduction in audit review time
58 %Reudction in issue resolution time
50 %Reduction in the cost of audit follow-ups

Create and manage internal audits, monitor findings, and centrally control task processing

The real-time assessment within the audit software keeps users informed about the current processing status and the assessment of the audit at all times. Use the provided results for a clearly structured and binding processing of all audit results. Create result overviews, audit reports and findings reports easily and without additional effort. Both internal audits as well as those carried out at suppliers or customers are taken into account. In addition, you can also plan audits that are carried out by external auditors on-site at your company. SEMYOU audit can be used flexibly and meets the current requirements of quality management standards and guidelines.

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Audit management

Create, manage and monitor your audits in one central location. With SEMYOU audit, you can continuously carry out your internal audits, tailoring them to plan your business.

The central overview gives you a complete overview of your active audits, the status of the findings contained and the degree of completion of the measures.

Audit management
Task and Action Management

Task and Action Management

When processing complaints, for audits and in many other areas, the planning and implementing of appropriate actions are required for continuous improvement. In SEMYOU audit, you document these actions directly within each respective case. The processing by authorized employees is done either via the central Action Management, by intranet or via mobile devices. The current processing statuses can be viewed at any time in the context of the underlying case.

Audit Reports

The dashboard gives you a central overview of all key KPIs in your audits, such as status, priority, progress of findings, and degree of completion of defined actions.

Automatically generate complete audit reports that contain all important information such as findings, measures and implementation.

Audit Reports


While conducting an audit, you have the opportunity to directly document findings and assign responsibilities.

The results list gives you access to all findings from your audits and can further restrict them using filters. about

The comment function allows you to save helpful comments so that other users in your team are always up-to-date.

Custom questionnaires

Customize your audits depending on the division.

With the questionnaire assistant you can define your questions and choose the appropriate answer type like text, selection, multiple choice etc.

Complex audits often include several questionnaires, which are divided into different areas.

Different questionnaires can be summarized via the tree structure, whereby the simple navigation and overview is always guaranteed.

Custom questionnaires
Multi tenancy

Multi tenancy

SEMYOU template is designed as a multi-tenancy system and enables flexible mapping of the organization with the associated business units.

The access and use of SEMYOU audit is always tenant specific. Users can switch between tenants during processing in order to retrieve the correct master data.

Enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability

Leverage enterprise grade security, compliance, and manageability capabilities, including built-in information protection, secure guest access, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Designed for the individual
Scaled for the enterprise

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