SEMYOU Cloud Services


You will quickly see the SEMYOU difference. It’s one thing to get into the cloud, but it is another thing to do it in a secure environment free of data security breaches. You will be able to sit at your desktop PC and work without the fear of losing your data to hackers or faulty hardware. In addition to the remarkable SEMYOU products, we also offer a suite of cloud services, such as Cloud B2B, a cloud network and individual business app development.

SEMYOU is at the forefront of providing cloud services as SaaS, software as a service. We have built a Steller reputation as a specialist in cloud development tools. It’s all about providing contemporary tools for contemporary businesses. SEMYOU has redesigned and upgraded its 30+ enterprise apps, and all just one click away in the SEMYOU App Store. You will find the perfect App for the task at hand. No need to pay for software and services that you do not need, those days are over.

We would like to tell you about the Cloud B2B Alliance and the Cloud Network, which connects companies together via special apps in order to take advantage of possible synergistic interactions. SEMYOU also is the leader in custom developed cloud apps tailored for specific needs of your company, and available via the same SEMYOU Admin Console just like our other apps. If you have very complex and individualized business processes, this is the route to go.

Volker Jahns, CEO of SEMYOU sums it up this way: “SEMYOU offers various options for cloud usage. Whether you're a small, medium or large company – we have the right solution for you.” The wave of the future is cloud access anytime, anyplace, with specialized apps for different needs.

Did you know that you can have your own Private Cloud? No need to share a cloud platform with anyone. The SEMYOU private cloud represents its own hardware region which is only available to your company. This creates a physical separation from all other systems. Such an autonomous encapsulation provides the advantage of dedicated access to internal company data and information located in the cloud. Secure storage and access from anywhere on the globe is thoroughly guaranteed by the physical separation. Keep in mind that there are no limits to the scalability or flexibility of the private cloud, which is suitable for any small, medium or large business.

Let’s chat and see if the private cloud is just what you have been looking for.