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Cloud Secuirty

Keeping data safe and secure has been foremost on the minds of business managers since…well, since the beginning.  Before the computer revolution, it took a physical act of breaking and entering to obtain sensitive data.  After the computer revolution – let’s say the last 35 years – illegally obtaining sensitive data can be done in relative safety from anywhere in the world.  And with more businesses reaping the benefits of cloud computing, the need for ironclad security has never been greater.

As the premier cloud service provider, SEMYOU has engineered security into its core architecture.  SEMYOU is the most modern cloud service provider in the industry today and has built its platform and services from the ground up with security as one of its chief aims.  SEMYOU uses modern technology, state of the art security and privacy encryption, and the most up-to-date hosting methods to ensure that businesses have access to their data while at the same time keeping that data away from prying eyes.

When you take the time to analyze the benefits of SEMYOU versus maintaining your own data center, it’s easy to see that the cloud service provider utilizes a higher level of security than an individual business would be able to afford on its own.  On average, small companies do not invest much in local infrastructure and typically do only the minimum when it comes to security and data privacy.

Encryption is an important component to consider when migrating your data online, but it should not be viewed as the “cure all” of cloud computing.  SEMYOU has gone above and beyond just encryption and has developed a data security plan that addresses six of the most important security issues faced by modern business today:

- Data residency
- Data management at rest
- Data protection in motion
- Encryption key management
- Access controls
- Long-term resiliency of the encryption system

Failure to consider these aspects could add cost and complexity to the adoption of cloud computing without addressing the fundamental issues of data privacy, long-term security, and resiliency.  Badly implemented encryption systems may also even interfere with the normal functioning of some cloud-based services.

SEMYOU’s data center currently resides in Europe and operates under European Union laws so you can be sure that unauthorized organizations (NSA) will not have access to your sensitive materials.  What’s more, SEMYOU strives to address issues before they become major issues and designs its platform – and all of its apps – to be like working in an iron box so you can be sure that your business and its valuable data are kept safe.

Demand that your business be as secure as possible online.  Demand that your business use SEMYOU and be secure in the knowledge that your cloud office is safe from those who look to exploit and profit off of your hard work.

Feel free to contact SEMYOU and they will be happy to answer any security questions you may have.