The SEMYOU Cloud Is The Office of The Future....Available Now


SEMYOU has become the global leader in providing Cloud Solutions. There are other Cloud providers, but there aren’t any that compare to the cloud applications that SEMYOU has developed, and is presenting as Software-As-A-Service, (SaaS). They have an outstanding array of services and custom developed Apps that offer incredible benefits in the IT arena. SEMYOU will save you money on IT, including costs, usage, efficiency, productiveness, and has the agility to give you the support you need for future expansion. Every firm would like to grow, and the SEMYOU Cloud Solution is the vehicle to get you on the right path to growth.

All of the SEMYOU products will fully integrate with each other. They can be used alone, or in conjunction with the other Apps. You will be amazed how quickly you have access to software applications that were previously out of reach. Forget about spending a fortune on Software Applications just to have access to certain modules that you need for a specific project. SEMYOU has its own App Store for all of the 30+ Apps they have developed to help you do your job in a super-productive manner. Pay as you go, no expensive Licensing to worry about. Only License what you need, then you can terminate it without any penalty costs, even for only one month.

In the world of Cloud computing, the SEMYOU custom developed applications are unique in all the world. They will streamline your tasks, make you more productive, and all without having to be a programmer to learn how to use them. Our Apps do not need to be installed, downloaded or configured in a complex manner. Instead of using a standard product that only minimally fits your needs, you can select the exact app, or apps, that fit your needs. Access everything through a special Administration Console, it couldn’t be easier. A single login is all it takes to have access to the complete SEMYOU Cloud Office Suite.

The SEMYOU Cloud Applications can truly make each task more enjoyable. It’s great to be organized and to be able to present yourself in such a precise manner. SEMYOU Apps offer solutions for all of your work requirements. Imagine having access to the top 30+ Cloud Apps, such as: Notes App, Minutes App, Sticky Board App, Address Book, Weekly Planner, Calendar, Tasks Planner, Scheduler, Project Timer, Room Planner, Team Tasks App, Workspace App, DB App, Cloud Office, Absence, Kanban App, Mind Map, Issue Tracker, Easy Contract, Easy Expense, Idea App, Journal App, Big Picture, Voice App, Gantt Workboard App, Team Calendar, Holiday Planner, Auto Reminder, and more!

It gets even better! You will have no set-up fees, no costly investments, just pay for what you need. Moving your business into the Cloud has never been easier. Let the team at SEMYOU show you how to make a seamless transition into the future workplace in the Cloud. They offer different levels of security, such as having your own Security Certificate to ensure tight security within your own cloud environment. With SEMYOU is found adherence to the highest current security guidelines, and continuously inspected and tested by third party online security experts.

Join us on the Cloud, it will be the best decision you ever made for your business.