Frequently asked questions and answers on semYOU Cloud Services



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  • What is SEMYOU? How does it differ from other Cloud-Providers?

  • What is a Cloud?

  • What isa SEMYOU APP?

  • Do I need an Internet-Connection for the SEMYOU Cloud-Office?

  • If I decide to register SEMYOU Cloud-Office, what do I need to install?

  • How can I cancel my contract?

  • How is the availability of SEMYOU?

  • Safety with SEMYOU

  • What is the difference between a Private- and a Public-Cloud?

  • Is it possible to use only oneAPP?

  • For which business size is SEMYOU set?

  • Is there a possibility to integrate my own applications?

  • Are updates included in the price?

  • Do businesses receive a quantity discount?

  • What happens with my data if I decide to cancel my contract?

  • Can I combine different subscriptions in SEMYOU?

  • How long can I test semYOU free of charge?

  • Do I need a user account to test semYOU?

  • Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

  • Where can I order SEMYOU APPS?

  • What is the minimum duration of the SEMYOU contract?

  • Is it possible to add further licenses at a later date?

  • Where does SEMYOU save the data?

  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of users per Cloud Office?

  • What should I do if a suitable offer is not available in the semYOU store?

  • How do I pay for SEMYOU services?