Service All Around Cloud Computing

In addition to cloud products, semYOU also offers additional services in cloud computing, such as Cloud B2B, a cloud network and individual business app development.

More than Just a Cloud

With cloud products, semYOU gives businesses the option for productive cloud use in daily business. In addition to these products, semYOU also offers various services all around the cloud, such as the Cloud B2B Alliance or the Cloud Network, which connects companies together via special apps in order to take advantage of possible synergy effects. The "Cloud Recruiting" app was selected as a pilot project, with which companies can access available resources in a very simple manner in order to quickly and flexibly respond to possible changes.

For special software needs, semYOU furthermore offers customer-specific development of cloud apps, tailored especially to the needs of the company and available via the semYOU cloud desktop like other apps. This type of customized development is especially suitable for companies which have very complex and individualized business processes and are looking for a compatible cloud solution.



We provide you with all-around service in cloud computing and take your company securely into the cloud.


» semYOU offers various options for cloud usage. Whether you're a small, medium or large company – we have the right solution for you. «

Volker Jahns, CEO semYOU

Do you have special requests for software that you cannot find in our portfolio?

semYOU also offers a special service for individualized software development.