Worldwide semYOU Partners

semYOU partners are technically and commercially experienced experts who specialize in semYOU products. They can help you in many ways, from the first setup to user-defined customizations and expansion of your solution.

What advantages does collaboration with a partner provide?

When you work together with a partner, you will receive a professional assessment of your needs and can ask for support at any time. Collaboration with a partner has no influence on the monthly fee that is charged for access to semYOU services, nor does it restrict the support that you receive from semYOU. You can add a partner when specifying payment options or contact directly:

First Steps when Collaborating with a Partner

You can work together with a partner, whereby the partner companies vary in size and are located in various industries. They can be very helpful during the first steps with semYOU online services. It is best to contact your partner early, so that they can assess your needs and advise you regarding required services. Worldwide partners are available who are happy to collaborate with you. Contact one right away.



You always have a partner at semYOU Cloud Services who will extensively advise you on products and functionalities.


» semYOU offers various options for cloud usage. Whether you're a small, medium or large company – we have the right solution for you. «

Volker Jahns, CEO semYOU

Specific Help

A partner can help you to optimally employ your services in that they support you in adaptation and application development. It does not matter how large your company is or in which industry you operate. Partners know the services well and can also provide applications customized especially for your company as needed.