Overview of Benefits

The Future Begins Now

With its cloud services, semYOU is revolutionizing conventional software operation and is the first provider to enable the use of cloud products in business without the awareness that they are located in the cloud. This fusing of cloud software and local desktop operation is mirrored in all of semYOU's products and services and provides a feeling of familiarity, as the user cannot recognize the difference from previous software which had to be installed. The modern user interface guarantees intuitive operation, eliminating the need for training and familiarization phases. Local desktop operation also represents a significant advantage in operation, allowing all semYOU cloud products to be started simply and easily via the local desktop (e.g. Windows) with just a click.w

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    Single - Sign - On

    User-friendliness is paramount in semYOU Cloud Office and already becomes clear in the login process. Single-sign-on is the keyword, and means global operation of all semYOU applications with only one user account, after logging in once. This is particularly practical considering the varied options for using semYOU and riAPPs. Regardless of whether you access via the cloud web desktop or the locally linked riAPPs, only one log-on is required, enabling unrestricted use of all available software products.

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    Working in the Cloud

    Working in teams gains an added dimension with semYOU, not only connecting geographically separated employees and teams but simultaneously increasing efficiency and effectiveness, as they can simply and easily access their cloud data from any location in the world.

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    No awkward Software Licensing

    The semYOU concept is based not only on simple software operation, but also features effective licensing. There are no cumbersome licensing processes and businesses can respond with greater flexibility to changes. Click & Use is the keyword, and provides users with just the flexibility they need for their daily work.

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    Pay as You Go

    With semYOU Cloud Office, the software you need no longer has to be purchased for reserve, as was previously the case; instead, you only pay for actual usage. This not only lowers the total costs that are incurred annually for software, but new software products can also be easily and cost-effectively provided to all employees.

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    Reduction of IT Costs

    With the on-demand solutions from semYOU Cloud Office, infrastructures and software environments can be developed and provided with little expense, without having to adapt your own infrastructure or make large investments. IT environments for various projects can be set up quickly and closed as needed, without permanent contracts or enormous fixed costs.

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    Whether it comes to different locations or joint venture teams, semYOU Cloud Office offers the optimal choice for interdisciplinary collaboration. With on-demand, a complete software infrastructure can be established without having to adapt your own. This enables fast collaboration between people on common projects and simultaneously lowers IT costs. This type of flexibility is directly reflected as a competitive factor.

Not in the Cloud? We can get you there!

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    Pay as you go

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    No installation, Download

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    Direct Access

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    No Updates required

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    High Security

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    Setup in less than 3 minutes

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    Directly from the Desktop

    semYOU provides multiple options for utilizing cloud software products. All products can be called up and used via every web browser. In addition to this access, semYOU also provides a worldwide-unique desktop application for all of its software products. That is, all semYOU cloud products can be accessed with just a click via a link on the desktop, without installation, download or multiple log-on.

  • license


    Licensing of these cloud applications is carried out via the semYOU administration console. With simple operations, licenses can be easily increased or reduced according to the needs of the business. semYOU offers special packages for all applications which differ in terms of performance range, user count or storage capacity.

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    Installation & Use

    All semYOU cloud applications require no installation nor download and are immediately available online. This new kind of software usage not only represents enormous flexibility for the internal IT department, which no longer has to deal with cumbersome distribution of software, but also provides all new updates to all employees automatically upon the next use. When new applications are offered by semYOU, they can be easily assigned to individual employees via the administration console and are then available via your personal semYOU Cloud Office.+