In the Cloud, But Still Close By

The semYOU cloud solutions are based on the "Software as a Service" concept and offer a multitude new cloud software products which can be used directly via the Internet with just one click – without installation or download.

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    Cloud Service

    semYOU cloud software products fundamentally differ from previous web services which are either portrayed via web pages or are solely autonomous services. The semYOU cloud products not only provide modern cloud software, but also the data handling, management and administration behind it. With this complete integrity, new software products can be simply and easily utilized and introduced for special tasks without incurring great cost.

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    Collaboration or Temporary Usage

    The cloud software products from semYOU can be used both for daily company collaboration and for temporary projects between companies, without having to alter your own IT infrastructure.

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Application Examples

Bring the power of the Cloud to your Business.


You need …

  • soft_1

    … a Project Planning

    With semProject, you can quickly and easily create and store project planners directly in the cloud. semProject is a semYOU cloud app which can be called up at any time, from anywhere.

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    … a brain storming tool

    Visualize your thoughts in the form of a MindMap graphic, quickly and easily and directly in the cloud with semMindMap. semMindMap is a semYOU cloud app which can be called up from anywhere and does not have to be installed.

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    … a cloud file storage

    Use semWorkspace to share files and information via the cloud with other teams, people or companies. sem.Workspace is a central depository with which files can be organized and distributed.

    and many more ...