semYOU Cloud Solutions


semYOU offers various options for cloud usage. Whether you're a small, medium or large company – we have the right solution for you. «

Software as a Service, Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service: the cloud solutions from semYOU provide the "all-inclusive package" for the cloud.

We Take You into the Cloud

Whether you want to outsource only parts or complete infrastructures to the cloud, we can offer you the right solution. There are multiple options available for accessing semYOU and your own data. is especially suitable for companies which have very complex and individualized business processes and are looking for a compatible cloud solution.

Also interesting themes:

  • Public Cloud


    Software as a Service (Saas) has been popular since the concept of Web 2.0 and is also being used in-creasingly in the business field. The possibility of using software as easily as a defined service carries with it enormous potential for internationally ope-rating firms. semYOU has transferred this concept of service use to the cloud and, with its riAPP soft-ware products, offers just this option of using soft-ware on demand, without installation, without download and without awkward licensing. The idea of individual service is covered in semYOU by an entire system with many hundreds of individual services and seamless integration.

    All semYOU cloud applications (riAPPs) are based on the most modern technology and represent a high degree of user-friendliness, security and flexibility in every respect and feel like a locally installed application, as the borders between a local desktop PC and

  • Private Cloud


    In addition to the general cloud operation on which semYOU is based, there is also the option for companies to operate a private cloud for their own semYOU Cloud Office. The private cloud is then available only to the company and is physically separated from all other systems.

    semYOU cloud services operate with various hosting providers so that each "private cloud" company can decide themselves where the data or "private cloud" should be located geographically. This type of flexibility not only brings the "private cloud" into the local proximity of the company, but also provides certainty with regard to where the data is stored and what security guidelines are followed.