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Cloud Projekt Journal

Be on top of all of your activities within projects and workgroups with the help of sem.Journal. Save all of your important information in one place and share this information with your customers, partners, colleagues or departments in a time based form. When you use sem.Journal, you have the power to quickly and easily create a consistent project journal which will help you to be on top of things at any given time.


Private and public journals

In sem.Journal it i spossible to create both "private" and "public" journals.A "private" journal is used based and is ideal for personal notes on records.
The "public" journal is designed for team collaboration and makes working with together several people more efficient.this type of journal can be accessed by numereous authorized SEMYOU cloudoffice users, e.g. for projects, workgroups or departmental tasks.With the help of authorization management, it is possible to issue read or write rights to people and/or groups which can be crucial for larger teams.



The simple and clearly structured navigation found within sem.Journal makes an intensive training period redundant and makes it possible to navigate through days, months and years quickly and easily even with a large number of journal entries present
There are four different view formats which can be used to optimally display your journal entries and can be quickly changed when desired.
Thanks to the "browser function", you can easily flip through numerous journal entries chronologically in order to quickly find consecutively stored information.


Place specific tags on your journal entries in order to find them even quicker later. Numerous tags can be placed on each journal entry individually to specifically classify it. A tag can thus represent a category, ID, activity, etc. This type of unique keyword assignment allows for quick and structured access to all journal entries at a later time.


Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application


In sem.Journal, various views are available in order to quickly find your journal entries. Not only is there a simple chronological view by which all entries are displayed for a certain point in time, but also other views such as favorites, calendar, picture and year view are available.

With the favorites view,all journal entries which you have market as "favorite" are displayed.The calander view helps to access journal entries for a central point in time.With the help of calander, a year , a month and day can be directly selected to quickly see connections.This year view displays all journal entries for an entire year in a clear tree structure which allow for direct access to a year and month.



semYOU use the highest standards of security

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