• Administering project activities efficiently
  • Automatic status report
  • Automatic archiving function
  • Administering goals and priorities
  • Access from everywhere
  • Integration in SEMYOU

Efficient high-level planning with sem.Workboard

Administer numerous activities from various projects at a high level of efficiently, centrally, and easily with sem.Workboard. Classify teams and projects into so-called "workstreams" and define activities that have to be pursued depending on priority. The auto-archiving function supports you here to track a "workstream's" workflow exactly and to quickly detect activity changes. This form of automated status report reduces a project's administrative cost and simultaneously increases quality with transparent sustainability.


Goals and priorities

Define your project goals and priorities and make them easily available to your team. Each user has the option to display the most important activities for him in a priority list thereby making changes quickly visible. Primary goals are clearly presented in their own view "streams" where each user has the option to quickly create his own overview of all of the goals and the activities associated with them. Quickly switching between different lines ("streams") is possible via the navigation area, which also guarantees an overview with a large number of lines.

Action items

Individual activities can be defined as work packets, tasks, or other important subjects for each specific goal ("workstream"). An activities classification can be defined via the "priority" (high, medium) and "assessment" (green, yellow, red) attributes. The temporal components on the other hand define the status such as "next," "in processing," "done," "waiting." Besides this activities classification, it's also possible to assign corresponding activities to a worker in charge to delegate tasks and distribute them based on subject.

Action Items
My Work

My Work

Each user has his own personal area in sem.Workboard, in which all of his own or assigned tasks are displayed. For example, if tasks for different projects have been created and assigned to individual employees, it's possible to administer them easily and quickly this way. Besides self-created tasks, tasks of other employees that have been assigned are also displayed. For example, if new tasks were defined in a project and an employee was assigned to work on them, they are directly visible in his personal area and can be accordingly worked on.

Automatic status report

Manual creation of status reports is superfluous in sem.Workboard, because each user can query live status directly anytime. Individual weekly reports can be compared with each other using automatic score cards where it's easy to see how which status has changed. It's possible to define whether and on which week day an automatic copy of the status is made and archived via a workstream's settings.

Automactic status reports


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Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application