• Easy resource planning
  • Comprehensive Gantt view
  • Annual, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly view
  • Share resource schedule with the people
  • Define your own resource attribute
  • Interactive editing

Feature Overview


With sem.SCHEDULER, resource planning is child's play. Schedule, manage or organize your resources centrally and securely in the SEMYOU Cloud.

Resource planning

Efficiently and intuitively schedule various resources. Regardless of whether they are rooms, cars, personnel or machines, all types of resources and their usage can be easily chronologically represented using sem.SCHEDULER. Configure your own resource types, interactively plan their allocation and create an allocation overview using various views on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Gantt diagram

The Gantt diagram shows all resources and the related bookings on a timeline. This makes it clear in one view when which resources are scheduled or free. Using the lateral scroll navigation, the visible section of time can be easily and quickly moved in both directions.

In order to guarantee a comprehensive view of resource allocations, multiple Gantt views are available in sem.SCHEDULER. In addition to the daily view, it is also possible to display the resource planning by month, hour (15 min.), hour (60 min.), week and year. This flexibility of display allows for various resource allocations to be displayed differently.

Customized definition

Flexibility is paramount in sem.SCHEDULER. In order to be able to efficiently schedule all possible resource types, the resource definition consists of flexible components which can be individually modified as needed. Whether personal, car, machine, building, etc., every resource can be allocated to a resource type, which can be individually configured. This configuration is based on attributes, such as, for a car, the license plate, brand, transmission type, etc.

Interactive editing

Interactive editing allows for the direct editing of resource allocations on the timeline. Existing resource allocations can be easily moved, extended or shortened using the mouse. This type of editing not only increases user friendliness but also makes the future scheduling of resource allocations easier, as a first draft can be created very quickly. Resource allocations are created and are freely positionable by double-clicking on the diagram. The interactive view supports the depiction of individual entries in broader view, such as the monthly or annual view, which show an aggregated allocation plan.

Resource grouping

The grouping function makes it possible to freely group resources by category. In the grouped depiction, all resources which belong to the same category are combined and displayed hierarchically. Groups can be shown or hidden as needed, which represents an enormous advantage in the case of a large number of resources

Access Right

Work together with your team and easily make your resource plans available to colleagues or customers. Individual access rights can be assigned to every resource plan, whereby resource plans can be easily shared with users and groups from the Cloud Office. Define read, write and administration rights in order to restrict access in a controlled manner.

With "read permissions," users/groups are authorized to access the resource plan without making changes. "Write permissions" enable not only access to the resource plan, but also enable the editing of allocations or similar items. Complete administration of resources and permissions is only possible if "administrative permissions" have been assigned.



semYOU use the highest standards of security

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    Secure transfer protocoll 256 Bit Password encryption

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    High Security Data Center (Germany, Switzerland, USA)

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    Daily Backup of your data


Cross Browser Support

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Multi Language Support

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