• Central room management
  • Occupancy scheduling
  • Online room booking
  • Room inventory
  • Flexible equipment management
  • Storage of images & other room details

Feature Overview

-Next generation room management- Efficiently and centrally manage your meeting spaces and provide your colleagues with an easy booking function using sem.ROOMPLANNER.


Schedule & Manage Rooms

Recreate your actual meeting rooms in a hierarchical structure in sem.ROOMPLANNER according to country, city, street, building and floor. In addition to these features, additional information on the meeting rooms can be saved, such as equipment like tables, chairs, projectors, white boards. Equipment entries can be added via a wizard as needed, such as for special configuration features or technical specifics.

In addition to the room description, it is possible to upload images of the rooms in order to provide an overall impression. Additional details such as contact person, email or telephone number can be specified for later queries with regard to room management or technical questions.

Room Booking

Room booking is carried out easily and quickly via the central room navigator. Once a room is selected, all details with regard to the room are shown, such as images, details, equipment and contact person. In addition to this information, the booking situation is quickly visible via the displayed calendar. Switch between the monthly, weekly and daily view as needed. Bookings/reservations can be made in just one step with a simple booking form.


Access Rights

Every created meeting room can be assigned access rights. Users and groups can be selected from the Cloud Office and assigned a role. Three different roles are generally available for this – the guest, booker and organizer roles.

As a "guest," the user solely has read permissions for a room and cannot make any bookings. This allows people/groups to have access who only need to be informed about occupancies. The "booker" role, by contrast, has write permissions for a room and can therefore enter bookings and reservations. The user with the "organizer" role carries out management and administration.

Private & Public Room Booking

sem.ROOMPLANNER generally differentiates between two booking variants – public and private booking. Depending on the room, it can be specified whether the users can book their own occupancies or whether extra confirmation is required. If a room is identified as "private," users can only create a reservation request, which must be confirmed or rejected by an "organizer." Under the "requests" menu item, every user can see which requests were created, approved and rejected.


Room Organizer

A room organizer is responsible for the administration of a room which was defined by a "private" booking; that is, users can only create a reservation request, which must then be confirmed or rejected by the organizer. All booking requests from all rooms are displayed to an organizer via the "approvals" menu item. In addition to the request, it is automatically examined whether there is an appointment overlap, making manual checking unnecessary. Every request can be directly approved or rejected via the integrated toolbar.



semYOU use the highest standards of security

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Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application