• Easy contract administration
  • Central overview of all continuing contracts
  • Reminder function for the contract deadlines
  • Centrally and safe in the SEMYOU-Cloud
  • Access from anywhere

Contract manager

Easy and safe contract administration with SEMYOU cloud.
sem.EasyContract provides you an outline of the contracts
and the cost from anywhere.The important contract
information,such as duration,costs,termination period
and contract persons,can be reviewed speedily through
a central view.


Easily manage contracts

Sem.EasyContract is state of the art cloud based contract
administration that you can use to safely and centrally
administer your contracts fast and cost effective.Using
the intuitive user interface,new contracts can be created
and filed in a few steps.The important information is
displayed in a central view,which means that duration,
termination periods and cost are always shown.All other
details(duration,reminders,appendices,etc) of a contract
can,as required,be shown or faded out.

Reminder function

A reminder function is available in sem.EasyContract to
ensure that the termination period or the end of a contract
are not forgotten.This function can be used to easily
establish several person related reminders for each cont
ract.An automatic agent in sem.EasyContract monitors all
contracts automatically and sends a reminder by email
to all listed persons.



"Costs always at a glance"

The evaluation function in sem.EasyContract permits the
display of all contracts and the associated monthly and
annual costs..The evaluation function provides the total
overview continuously whether it addresses one time,
monthly or quarterly contract costs.

The graphic monthly or annually display in combination with
duration of the individual contracts provides also a type
of forecast function with respected to the expected costs.

Attach files

Any Number of documents,e.g. MS-Word, PDF or MS-Excel
file,can be attached to each contract.If a contract has
been opened in sem.EasyContract, then any file on your
desktop PC can be attached to this via Drag &
Drop.The attached files will be saved while encoded and
safe in SEMYOU and can only be opened by authorized
person from your SEMYOU CLOUD-OFFICE.


Several filter are available through the navigation menu
for an easy and fast navigation within the saved contracts.
In addition to the filter names such as "ACTIVE" or
"TERMINATED",the number of contract that are included in
this filter will also be displayed.e.g "End This Week(10)".
The Following filters are available:All,Active,Terminated,
Canceled,End This Week,End This Month,End This Year.

Contract details

The important contract information can be displayed or
faded out via the detail area directly in the main view,Only
the required information will be displayed through an
additional grouping of the individual are such as contact
person,duration,length of time and files.In addition to the
display of all important contract details in this area,it is
also possible to perform direct changes or to print the
contract information.



semYOU use the highest standards of security

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    Secure transfer protocoll 256 Bit Password encryption

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    Security Password Required

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    High Security Data Center (Germany, Switzerland, USA)

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    Daily Backup of your data


Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application