• Efficient contract management
  • Review functionality
  • To-do management
  • Archiving function
  • Individually adaptable
  • Administer companies, people, and contracts
  • Comprehensive security model
  • Reminder function

Efficient contract management system.

Efficient contract management system Administer your contracts centrally, securely, and from anywhere with sem.Contract. Sem.Contract contains a multitude of functions for efficient contract management and guarantees end-to-end overview of contracts, costs, transactions, customers, contacts, and amendments. Simple to complex contracts with dependencies can be easily administered in sem.Contract and are always available to a select group of employees.


To-do lists

Each Kanban Board can be configured individually and thus be adapted to existing processes. With the initial configuration you can define and describe columns (status) and lines. It makes no difference whether a board contains a simple process like open, in progress and closed, or whether it contains more than 10 gradual changes in status.

Administering amendments

Administering amendments, requirements and extensions

Sem.Contract offers the possibility to traceably administer all of a contract's amendments. Various versions of a contract can be easily stored and are quickly available as needed. In addition to the amendment entry, it's possible to append a contract document to guarantee end-to-end traceability.


A contract can be archived in sem.Contract after successful completion. Archived contracts are accessible via a separate area and are segregated from active business. In addition to the individual contract, it's also possible to archive task, reminder, or similar elements in sem.Contract so that historical examination is possible.

Administering companies

Administering companies, people and contracts

In addition to actual contract management, sem.Contract also enables people and the associated companies to be administered. All information about a contract can thus be centrally stored and administered. The complete storage of all information makes it possible for example to search for people and to display which contracts they are to be assigned to.

In addition to searching for people, it is also possible to search for companies and contracts and to display all of the associated data such as contracts, people, tasks, or reminders.



Create one-time or repetitive reminders for a specific date or associate this with a milestone such as contract completion. Depending on need, you can create an unlimited number of reminders per contract so that you don't miss any important dates with a large number of contracts.

Comprehensive security model

Sem.Contract contains a comprehensive security model, which can be individually adapted to the company's existing structure. Users can be assigned to one or more security groups that can each possess different rights to document levels. This fine-grained security concept makes it possible for users to display only contracts for which they possess the necessary rights. A security group could for example represent a depart-ment, team, or the like.

Comprehensive Security Model


Notes, such as those for suppliers or contracts, can be created and stored at various levels in sem.Contract. Notes can be created quickly and identified using time, date, or originating person.
Notes can represent various events in a contract that have been stored during the contract's life cycle and can enable quick historical examination.

Transactions and Rebates

Sem.Contract enables you to track invoices/transactions relating to your contracts, so that you can evaluate which suppliers comply with your contractual conditions and which violate them.

Transactions and Rebates
Organizational Structure

Organizational structure

Your individual corporate structure can be easily mapped in sem.Contract. Assign your contracts to this structure so that you can easily conduct analyses and search queries later. In addition to the definition of individual contract types, it is also possible to define departments, contractual relationships, and currencies as needed.

Dashboard & analyses

All of the important information from sem.Contract is displayed in compressed form via the "dashboard." With the help of different diagrams, contracts are represented in relation to status, end date, or category so that an overview can be quickly obtained even with a large number of contracts.

Dashboard & Analyses
Amendment Structure

Amendment tracking

All amendments are listed in detail in sem.Contract to guarantee seamless, transparent review at a later time. If a user creates, amends, or deletes data, sem.Contract stores this with time and user stamp.
All of the amendments can be displayed in compressed form via a separate "audit" view to see when which userexecuted which amendment.



semYOU use the highest standards of security

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    Secure transfer protocoll 256 Bit Password encryption

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    High Security Data Center (Germany, Switzerland, USA)

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    Daily Backup of your data


Cross Browser Support

All semYOU APPS look consistently and work flawlessly across all major browsers. Internet Explorer (including IE 7), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome


Multi Language Support

semYOU supports multi-language in each application