SEMYOU Leaders

The Management Board is responsible for managing the company. Its members are jointly accountable for the management of the company. The Management Board has, as its prime responsibility, the Group's strategic management, resource allocation, financial accounting and reporting, risk management, and corporate control.

Volker Jahns

Founder and CEO


Global Board of Directors

  • Daniel Auermann

    Chairman of the Board, SEMYOU Research Group

  • Scott Davis

    SVP and Managing Director, SEMYOU Partner & Services

  • Melanie Heiler

    Chairman of the Board, SEMYOU Global Marketing

  • Denise Richard

    Vice President, Strategy, Corporate Development & Alliances

  • Karl Baur

    Corporate Executive Officer, Exe-cutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, SEMYOU America

  • Rajnish Pete

    President and COO, SEMYOU LABS

  • Andrei Antsiparovich

    Chief Operating Officer, SEMYOU Development Global

  • David Johnson

    Chief Financial Officer, SEMYOU Switzerland